• mECG-101Portable ECG Detector
  • mECG-101Portable ECG Detector
  • mECG-101Portable ECG Detector
  • mECG-101Portable ECG Detector
  • mECG-101Portable ECG Detector


Portable ECG Detector

Clinical application

It is suitable for the adult users to detect,record and replay their own heart rate and ECG waveform.

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Machine Parameters

1. ECG Function

Detection Mode: ECG Mode; Heart Rate Mode

Collection Method: Fingertip collection; Lead wire collection

ECG Lead: Single Lead; I, II, III Limb Lead; CC5 Chest Lead

Sampling Rate: 512Hz

Frequency Response Range: 0.67~40Hz

Heart Rate Range: 30~240bpm, ±10% or ±5bpm (subject to the maximum)

Waveform Display Sensitivity: 5.0mm/mV, 10.0mm/mV, 20.0mm/mV; ±10%

Waveform Scanning Speed: 25mm/s, 50mm/s

Record Intervals: 30s~12h every cycle; storage capacity depends on SD Card memory used in cellphone

2. Intelligent Platform

It is compatible with the intelligent platform including Android smart phone and Android tablet computer.

Data transmission: Wireless data transmission

Operation Mode: ECG waveform real-time collection and display; run multitask in the background

3. Heart Health Management Function

User Management: Multi-user interface can be established including clinical supplementary information for every user.
Heart rate: Heart Rate can be displayed during collection process with 3 colors to indicate heart rate status. 
ECG data review: Display all ECG data of current user in a list.  
ECG waveform hologram review: Display all detailed ECG wave forms via hologram.
Explanatory Notes: 21 types of ECG explanatory notes. 
Trend: Display the trend of multiple heart rate measurement values.
Data Exchange: Data can be sent and received by means of intelligent platform.
Help: Help information will help the users know the main usage method.
Cardiology Knowledge: Learn and understand common heart health knowledge. 


· High ECG sampling rate; high-quality medical data; clearer ECG details

· Support connection with your smart phone; conduct ECG detection directly via mobile phone; support ECG view, 

remote data exchange and heart health management

· In the size of a Credit Card; portable function; easy operation; with 1-2-3 quick start guidance, ordinary people 

can use it without worry.

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